ValueError: Element <xpath expr = "// knop [@ name = '279']"> kan niet worden gevonden in ouder view


Waarom krijg ik deze fout. ValueError: Element '' kan niet worden gevonden in ouder view

Fout context: View Add custom forecasted quantities [view_id: 2030 xml_id: forecasted_qty.forecasted_qty_product_template_only_form_view, model: product.template, parent_id: 362]

(-) Aantal te koop

    <record model=ir.ui.view id=forecasted_qty_product_normal_form_view>
        <field name=name>Add custom forecasted quantities</field>
        <field name=inherit_id ref=product.product_normal_form_view/>
        <field name=model>product.product</field>
        <field name=priority>99</field>
        <field name=arch type=xml>
             <xpath expr=//button[@name='%(stock.action_stock_level_forecast_report_product)d'] position=before>
                 <button name=do_nothing type=object attrs={'invisible':[('type', '!=', 'product')]}
                        class=oe_stat_button icon=fa-building-o>
                        <div class=o_field_widget o_stat_info>
                            <span class=o_stat_value><field name=forecasted_qty widget=statinfo nolabel=1/>
                                <span attrs={'invisible':[('outgoing_qty', '=', 0),('incoming_qty','=',0)]}>
                                    (-<field name=outgoing_qty widget=statinfo nolabel=1/>)
                            <span class=o_stat_text>Qty for Sale</span>
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<xpath expr="//header/button[279]" pposition="before">
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